A Modern Twist On A Classic Beverage


It all started in 2014 when we had an idea…”To put a modern twist on a classic beverage”. At Teajuana we strive to give you a healthy and natural alternative to consuming marijuana. Our process combines the benefits of drinking tea and coffee with the healing characteristics of THC. We use only the finest organic ingredients paired with the purest SWEET CO2 oil to create the best product for you. By cutting out the preservatives and artificial flavors and retaining the full spectrum of desired cannabinoids you are left with a wholesome and delicious “drinkable” with reliable affects.

THC infused Teas, Coffees, Cocoa and Sugar Cubes. K-cups, tea bags, and more. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.
Here’s What We Do


  • We buy the finest organic ingredients
  • We buy all fair trade
  • We buy superior CO2 oil
  • We grind our organic coffee beans in house
  • We ensure that all of our products are tested at a state certified testing facility
  • We put the “A” team together and work with the most knowledgeable people in the cannabis industry
  • We have a proprietary process using CO2 oil that allows us to maintain the full spectrum of the cannabinoids.
  • We apply our proprietary process to bind the THC to all of our products for rapid solubility.
  • We use high-quality, child-resistant packaging
  • We follow all the rules, approved regulations and laws from the state of Colorado
  • We work very hard to bring you the best tasting and healthy products out there


We offer Pods (compatible with K-cups®), tea & coffee bags as well, and single serve pouches with our great tasting products in them. The THC is either sativa, hybrid or indica. Whatever your preference.

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The Sweet CO2 process is one of the purest ways to separate the active ingredient in marijuana. Recirculating liquid CO2 over the marijuana plant matter for 8+ hours results in a quality product that is made without any harsh chemicals. From that point, the extracted oils and concentrates are packaged in child-resistant containers and eco-friendly cartons.

Contact us for more details regarding the Sweet CO2 oils that we utilize in our products.

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